New Formations

What formations do you use when putting your littles on stage? I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of one line. 😉 I’m trying some new formations this year, because I believe 3 & 4 year olds can handle knowing where their spot is in space. It doesn’t always have to be one straight horizontal line in the traditional sense. Hope you can use them!

The X… 2 diagonal lines to make the X, if you need more spots, put one in the middle of each space.



Big Diamond…. This one I am using with my 3’s! Make each line a different color. They remember which color they stand on,  and this one works for me because the seats in the auditorium are on risers, so everyone can still be seen.



Little Diamonds… I love this one! 4 little groups… you can add more if you have more students.



The Window… For my 5’s I wanted to do a dance where they stand close together. This one works well! You can see them in the windows!



What formations are you using this year? Would you ever try any of these? I would love to hear!


  1. I love circles. We start in our line and create a circle from there. This year we got crazy in one of my 4s classes and made a big circle that turned into 2 circles! We also play “freeze spot.” Once they get their spot we play freeze dance but instead of stopping around the room when the music stops, they have to tiptoe or chasse or hop back to their spot. This helps them remember where they are. And it’s a blast! so funny when they rush to get to their spot!

  2. Great Post..I’ve been trying some different formations too..we just did a v in one of my 4 classes, which was great because of February and how valentine starts with v!

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