Super Stars!

I got an e-mail in my inbox last week that touched my heart! I get a lot of readers who write me, and I love receiving notes from you all! This one I just couldn’t pass up featuring, so let me introduce, the Super Stars! 

A dance studio in Alaska offers dance classes for students with special needs! It’s growing and growing and they are looking to get a bigger space to accommodate everyone that is interested. They have had to turn people away, and we just can’t have that. Everyone needs the opportunity to dance!

Above is their video, it’s about 5 minutes, but it’s totally worth your time!

Below is a more detailed description by Colby who is a teacher at the studio.

“The Super Stars is a dance program designed for individuals with special needs. The Super Stars instructor started working with people with disabilities nearly 10 years ago and opened the dance program 6 years ago.”

Our program was opened to give people with special needs an affordable activity as well as to show everyone else in the community that anyone, no matter their physical or mental disability, can dance. We started 6 years ago with a workshop with about 5 students and have grown to a class of 20-25 students depending on the week. We have been featured in newspapers, on two news channels, and have been asked to do exhibitions at two dance competitions.”

“The Super Stars dance once a week and perform 6 – 8+ times a year. Many of our dancers have knee problems. We also have one dancer who is in a wheelchair and is unable to make it up the stairs at our current studio location. We need a ground level location and more studio space for them to grow and be able to dance more often. We are very proud of our program and want to make it as big and successful as we possibly can. To reach and inspire people of all abilities.”

If you feel passionate about this work, please consider contributing to their Kickstarter campaign.

Do you have a special needs dance program you are proud of? Please share it with us! 🙂

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