Polar Bear Morning

Read It. Move It. Share It. is a collaboration with Kerry from Picture Books and Pirouettes. Once a month Kerry recommends a book for me to use in my creative movement classes. Then I write a post on what I did with the book and how I used it with my students in hopes of giving you some new ideas to use in your classes! Here is the March book. Enjoy!


Polar Bear Morning is a sweet and calm book. It’s a great one to use for a chatty, wiggly class of three year olds, like I seem to have every friday afternoon. I read the book through first and then we explored the movement words. Sometimes, I feel like I always explore the same words, so this book project pushes me AND the littles brains to think outside the box! Here are the words we explored together from the book:

Peek: Such a fun word! We explored peeking using our own body parts first. We used our arm to peek over and under. Then we peeked through our legs, and over our knees as we crouched down low.

Then, I partnered them up and we practiced peeking around another person. I must admit this was a challenge for 3-4 year olds, but after we got through it I knew that they knew what the word meant. Peek… I see you!

Tumbling: Rolling, jumping, sliding. A really fun one to explore, just be careful of the forward roll. I try to prevent it by showing the rolling myself, but ultimately I have to say that this is not gymnastics. “Forward rolls are for gymnastics!”

Scamper: Quick, tiny steps on our toes. We looked like mice! Also, tried scamper with a gallop but we decided as a class we liked the tiny steps better!

Whirl on the wind: The wind blows you around the room. Whirling you in circles, down low,   and up high. The “whoosh” sound worked really well for this dance!

Toss and Flash: Throw, release, flicker, flash! Fun words to explore. First we tried it with our hands so everyone could see what it might look like in our whole body, then we thew our bodies into space and flicker flashed while we did it. The hardest part on this one is to try to get them not to belt out a huge scream when they are tossing their bodies! The good news is, it uses up a lot of energy! 🙂

Now, lets head on over to Kerry’s blog to find out more about this wonderful book!

Have you used this book with your littles? What are you favorite movement words to explore? I would love to hear!



  1. We have heard about this one but since DD is older now we miss reading as many picture books as we once did. I really like how you incorporated movement words and worked with them. 🙂
    thanks for sharing!

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