Thunder Storm Dance


Spring is right around the corner, at least we hope it is! What happens in spring? … Thunder storms! Even though I have been doing the Thunder storm dance through the winter, I think you will love to do it this spring! Here it is!

There are 2 different ways to do it:


As a stretch, sit in a straddle position.
1. Add raindrops with your fingers
2. Thunder with your hands
3. Sharp lightening with arms and legs. They have to balance on their tush to accomplish this.
4. Wind blows our stretch from one side to the other. Blows us upside down, and backwards. (they love to show you how their wind blows them over, they come up with awesome ways!)
5. Then the sun comes out, and we paint a rainbow.

Repeat 2x through. They love it!


1. Standing
2. First the sun is out (fifth position overhead), then night falls (stretch down)
3. Wind starts to blow us around the room. It slows down, and then gets faster.
4. It starts to rain! Fingers pitter patter, or tip toes splatter.
5. Thunder starts rumbling. Stomping and rolling.
6. Lighting is sharp and quick.
7. Eventually the sun comes back out in the morning!

Recommended Music is a drum! 

Have you ever done a Thunder Storm dance? It’s fun to do in any season! I would love to hear if you try it!

p.s. More spring dances here and here.


  1. I love this! So many kids are scared of Thunderstorms and this may help with some of that fear.

    We tried a variation on this today. As a group we came up with movements and sounds for rain, wind, thunder, and lightning. Each student or pair was given one of the words to do. We put it all together as a thunderstorm symphony (each kid is a storm instrument) and played around with it: movements getting bigger/sounds getting louder and then movements getting smaller/sounds getting smaller. It looked and sounded so cool!

    1. Author

      Becca, awesome idea with the sounds! I can’t wait to try it too! Glad it worked for you, and that you did a variation on it! 🙂

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