Hamantaschen Cookie Dance


This weekend is Purim! A Jewish Holiday that is celebrated by eating cookies called Hamantaschen. You know I’m always looking for ideas that we can dance about in everything, so I thought this might be fun. Since we are on winter break this week, I thought I would write about it and then try it next week. But maybe you want to try it? 🙂

3 Steps to the Hamantaschen Dance: 

1) The Hamantaschen cookie is in a triangle shape. Ask your littles to make a triangle shape. 

2) Then, we have to add the filling. Hamantaschen is usually filled fruit marmalade or cheese. Fill it up! 

3) Last,  fold the triangle’s 3 corners into the middle.

The end!

I could see this as a really awesome warm-up, since it really doesn’t require any moving in space. I can’t wait to incorporate it in!

Have you ever had a Hamantaschen cookie? Have you ever danced about the Hamantaschen? I would love to hear! 🙂


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