Handshake & High Five Dance


This month on the blog I will be covering Friendship! I’m planning on doing the theme friendship for my end of the year “dance celebration” so I thought this would be the perfect month to talk, sing, and dance about being a friend. I have had the idea of a handshake dance for a while and today was the day to put it into play! I used it with my 5-6 year olds. Read on to see what we did! 

First we explored connected shapes with partners. We connected as many body parts as we could. First I do the directing, then I ask them what body parts we should use. Usually one of them says “ear!” or “tongue!” and then I have to redirect! 😉

After exploring the shapes, I asked them to explore high fives. I asked them how many ways they could create a high five. It was really interesting because once I gave them ideas to think about, they started getting really creative.

Next we explored handshakes. How many ways can you shake hands. Then we got into “feet shakes” and “elbow shakes.” So fun!

Last I gave them parameters around putting them together into a dance.

1) Make a pattern – High five, Handshake, High five, Handshake
2) Give each “hand step” 2 counts. High five (1,2) Handshake (3,4) High five (5,6) Handshake (7,8)
3) Use Levels (high, low, in the middle)
4) Memorize it!

They loved it and I loved it! Seeing them work together and problem solve was such a highlight. I gave them about 5ish minutes (you will know when they have had enough time) and then we shared them with each other.

I took video of each group and then we watched each group on my phone so they could see themselves. It was a really awesome class!

Have you ever done a dance about friendship or more specifically a handshake dance? I would love to hear!

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p.p.s. really exciting stuff coming to the blog this month! Stay tuned! 🙂 



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