No Shoes? No Problem! + #7!


Over at Dance Advantage last month I wrote about why we should encourage our young dancers to dance in bare feet. Head on over to read it, if you would like.

Making The Case For Barefoot Preschool Dance 

Do your students dance barefoot or with shoes? Would you ever try asking them to dance barefoot?


In other news over at Dance Advantage, my blog came in 7th out of the Top 20 Dance Blogs! Woah, I’m so happy about that! Thanks to all every single one of you who cast your vote! You should know it’s so greatly appreciated!

I hope you have a great week of moving, creating, and educating! xo


  1. I am tempted to go with bare feet next year………..I am worried about the reaction parents though…….
    Congratulations on your blog award!!!!

    1. Author

      Kerry, it could be tricky if they are used to one way, but you could ease into it. Like a portion of the class student could take off their shoes. It also depends if the space you use is safe for bare feet. Instead of going cold turkey and freaking parents out, I would start small!

      Thanks for kind words!

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