My 5 Favorite Creative Dances

This post is part of circle time over at Dance Advantage!

In case you missed these posts, many of them written a year or two ago, I’m giving you a look back into my (and your) favorite posts and the dances that have been shared with your littles for a few years now. Looking for something new to do in class? Use one of these and you can’t go wrong!


Fruit Tree Dance – This is my favorite dance to date. I use it a lot and my littles always ask for it. Remarkably, I never get sick of it!



5 Itsy Bitsy Spider Dances– Every teacher, at sometime, uses this song in their class. In this post I give 5 different ways to use the song with creative dance.




Umbrella Shapes– In the spring, I love to dance about… well, spring! Is it spring yet? Coming soon we can dance about umbrellas and make shapes like them. Tuck this one away for a rainy day!



Playground Dance – This one is always mentioned by other teachers. I absolutely love it and so do my young dancers. Your class is out of control today, pull this one out. The Playground Dance never fails!



The Snowy Day Dance – This was one of my favorite booksI did during the Read It. Move It. Share It. collaboration with Kerry at Picture Books and Pirouettes. I plan on using it every year, snow or not! 🙂

I would like to point out that it was really hard to pick 5 of my most favorite. All of the creative dances are my favorite and that’s why I blog about them. 😉

Did you miss any of these dances? Which one is your favorite?


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