Get Your School Counted: NDEO’s K-12 Dance Education Data Collection Project


Today I received an e-mail from NDEO (are you a member?) about a new project they are working on. The K-12 Dance Education Data Collection Project.  I think it’s an amazing idea and so, I have vowed to help them spread the word.

Do you teach dance in a school? NDEO is collecting data and wants to know every school in the USA that offers dance to their students! Just think how amazing that database would be.

Here’s your assignment:

1) If you teach dance in any type of school setting, fill out this form and submit it to NDEO.

2) Pass on the form to other teachers who can fill it out and then can pass it on to other teachers until we have reached everyone! Their goal is to identify over 2,000 schools that are offering dance to their students, but I think (hope) there is many more than that!

Thanks for your help on this, friends. NDEO didn’t ask me to do this, I just took it upon myself to use my platform. It’s the least I can do for them, after everything they do for us, as dance educators.

p.s. One more assignment… Vote for my blog in the Top Blog Contest!

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