Volcano Dance


The first day of teaching in the New Year was fun! I had small classes, so I was able to spend more time developing dances. After exploring the Ball Drop dance, someone mentioned that we should visit the Natural History Museum to see the volcanoes! The museum was clearly on their agenda over holiday break and I love that they bring the ideas to dance class! 

Volcanoes? In January? Shouldn’t we be dancing about snow or something? Nope. Today we made up a dance about volcanoes! It was a blast! 😉 Why not, right? I’m sure somewhere volcanoes are exploding. Ha! And if not anywhere in the world, they are surely exploding at the museum.

I used a song called Breathe from Eric Chappelle creative dance album #2. It was the best I could find at a moment’s reach and it actually worked. I love instrumental creative dance music just for the mere fact that I can just put it on and let our imaginations soar. Ok, so here’s what we did for the volcano dance:

1) Make a shape like a Volcano – I was so excited by their shapes. Some were upside down, or on the ground, and most were in a shape of a V.

2) Make Lava- The volcano starts to boil. Shake and shake! As time goes on, shake faster and harder.

3) Lava overflows- The lava gets all the way to the top and then overflows. Roll on the floor, spins, exploding jumps were all part of our lava dance.

4) Volcano resumes shape- After the lava starts to slow down, each dancer goes back to their volcano shape to do it all over again.

We repeated the dance 3 times through. It always amazes me that our spontaneous dances are the ones that are the most fun! I highly recommend the volcano dance in January! If nothing else, it will keep you warm. 😉

Have you ever done a volcano dance? I would love to hear! 

p.s. I drew the volcano above! Volcano or Tree? You decide. 🙂


  1. I tried a volcano dance with my 3-5 year olds. We did the volcano dance individually, so they started low and shook and rumbled and built their energy, then exploded and became lava flowing (although my dancers flowed FAST). Then we did it as small groups. 2 people made a bridge over the top of my other 2 dancers (I have 12 students, so 3 groups). The everyone had to rumble and then the inside 2 exploded out and “broke” the crust of the mountain and flowed in the room. Then they switched positions. They had a lot of fun.

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