Bim-Bom Bop At The Hanukkah Hop

Read It. Move It. Share It. is a collaboration with Kerry from Picture Books and Pirouettes. Once a month Kerry recommends a book for me to use in my creative movement classes. Then I write a post on what I did with the book and how I used it with my students in hopes of giving you some new ideas to use in your classes! Here is the December book. Enjoy!


I explored the book The Hanukkah Hop a few weeks ago, and even though it’s to late to use for this season, I still wanted to share it with you! Don’t worry, we will tuck it away and pull it out again next year. 

In the book there are a ton of movement words, I couldn’t believe it. So many! This wonderful story is about a little girl and her Hanukkah party. So many of the students I teach celebrate Hanukkah and have parties of their own. It couldn’t have been a more perfect book.

Throughout the story are little rhymes that I used to make up the Hanukkah dance with my littles. First I read the story all the way through and then we created a Hanukkah dance to the rhymes together. Here is an example of how we did it.

The rhyme:

Biddy-biddy bim- bom bim- bom bop
I flicker like the flames
at our Hanukkah Hop

So with my 4’s we made up a few steps to go with the words.

Bidddy – biddy (two stomps)

bim- bom (two arms up high, one at a time)

bim- bom bop (3 jumps)

I flicker like the flames (Flicker! Oh, it’s fun! Explore the word flick. Flick arms, flick feet, flick all of the body parts!

at our Hanukkah Hop (hop on one foot)

We did this with each one of the rhymes. A few others that we did were:

Cousins are twisting (what can you twist? how many different ways?)
and jumping and flipping (flip from one side to another, from one direction to the other)
Great -aunts and uncles
are stepping and dipping (Dip waaaaaaaaay down! Also, dip different body parts in snow)

So many great action words, don’t you think? There are a ton more in the book.

Have you ever used this book in your dance room? I can’t wait to use it again next year! I know that you won’t be disappointed.

Now, head on over to Kerry’s blog to find out more about this story. I can’t wait to see what she has to say about it!

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