3 Happy New Year Dances


Let the countdown begin! Looking for a dance to do in the New Year next week? Here are 3 different ideas to get you inspired. I’m going to use them too!

Countdown Dance 

Have you ever tried a countdown dance? For 3’s and 4’s I will come up with ten different movements. Ten is a lot I know, but we can do it as we go and I know they have ten movements they could instantly blurt out loud. It’s a wonderful way to remember sequential movements matched with the numbers.

10 Jumps

9 Reaches

8 Spins

7 Slides

6 Swings

5 Rolls

4 Runs

3 Wiggles

2 Walks

1 Crawl

0 Happy New Year! Exploding Jump!

Does it sound fun to you? I have done something similar with dice but the numbers in order as a countdown seems extra special.

Ball Drop

Ask all the dancers to find a spot of their own and make a round shape like a ball. Then countdown from 10 and your littles have to drop slowly getting to the floor on 0. Measuring time is really hard for them to do, but a good skill to know, right?Do it a few times so they can get the hang of it. When I teach melting, naturally, most of them just plop to the floor. I think the numbers will help because it gives them a beginning and an ending. Where to start, and where to finish.

The second ball drop you could try is making a big circle where everyone holds hands. First show off the sparkly ball by going in circles a few times. Then do the countdown and everyone drops v e r y  s l o w l y together.

Create 2013

My students love to make numbers and letters with their bodies. I’m going to try putting them in groups of four and then let each person make a number a number of the year in each group. Make sure to give the numbers out though so there is no fighting over the number zero. 😉

Once every group looks like 2013 (take a picture 🙂 say “scramble!” and see if they can mix themselves up and each take a different number. Every dancer should get to make a two, a zero, a one, and a three one time.

You could also make a class 2013 on the floor using every body. Would be fun to make all the curves and lines with bodies. That’s the more ambitious route, but could be a challenging problem to solve and a wonderful way to kick off the New Year!

Have you ever tried a New Years Dance? Are there any others out there? These just came to me today! It’s funny how inspired I get in a quiet winter wonderland.  


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