Leaping High

How high do you think your littles can leap?

I have been using various things in class to leap over, like strings, and baby cones, and tall cones. But today I thought it might be fun to pile things up. You know, to give a little challenge. I honestly wasn’t sure if the pile was too high, but I thought I will never know if I don’t try.

So, I started the pile small, then kept adding bean bags until I used them all! The only direction I gave was 1) they had to leap over it (one foot to the other) and 2) if  the pile fell over, just to keep going. I knew their instinct would be to stop and fix it and from experience that never ends well. The next person in line always starts running to leap and then there is a collision. I told them I would fix it if it fell over.

To my surprise every single one of them made it over the pile! AND, not one of them knocked it over! I was a proud dance teacher! It told me that I prepared their leaps to fly high! Right? I looked at it as just another way to build confidence. They were pretty proud of themselves too.

What do your students leap over? Have you ever piled anything high? I would love to hear!

p.s. check back soon for another leaping game I have been using for high energy days! 🙂 


  1. Use “Over the River and Through the Woods” – great instrumental version on Lynn Stanfords CD. Make a river with yoga straps then use cones as the woods so that they run around the trees. “The horse knows the way to carry the sleigh over piles and piles of snow-oh” (changed the words slightly) The bean bags are piles and piles of snow-oh.
    Try this next – “Over the river and through the woods, the snow falls gently down, we build a snowman as fast as we can, and then we knock him down!” Voila….the kids are on the floor – tired – ready for the next quiet activity.

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