Spicing Up A Stretch

Today I noticed that my littles were veeeery chatty. I think they are getting comfortable. I always forget that happens around this time of year. It’s not just me, is it? 

As we were stretching, all they wanted to do was talk! I honestly think that it’s because they have to keep it together all day long at school, then when they get to dance they want to tell me everything. Everything! It’s ok with me, but I also have to maintain some sort of order. Right?

Hint: Something else that has helped with my littles wanting to talk through class is if I go out into the hallway and talk to them before class begins. Then hey feel like they have had the time to share something with me without me having to shut them down.

Instead of sounding like a broken record, telling them to eat marshmallows, I got a ribbon and started using it. I asked everyone to make a straddle and touch feet to the dancer on each side. I showed them to stretch the ribbon over their head like they are painting a rainbow, switch it to the other hand, and then pass it to the next person. We went all the way around the circle a few times and then I started to add more ribbons. We had 3 going at one time.

It really forces them to concentrate on stretching and then, magically I could hear the music again! 🙂 I may switch it up and use a different props. Just think of the possibilities!

How do you spice up a stretch? Got a special way? I would love to hear!

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  1. Oh Maria, my little guys have been bouncing off the walls since they came back from Thanksgiving and it won’t end until after the Christmas break. I think you hit one reason, they are now comfortable, but I also think the holidays get them wound up with excitement. I also try to chat with them before class which helps. I also let them each tell me one thing and tell them they can tell me the rest after class. Of course they usually forget, but if it is important they remember and I will indulge them as a reward for waiting. I think it is a good lesson for those wild little developing “Ids” to not always give them instant gratification. Thanks for the another great post!

    1. Author

      Thanks Amy! I think, out of all the things I have tried, the talking before and after class thing works best for me. I think you are right about the Holidays too. Everyone needs a break, including them! 🙂

  2. This week in stretch we are “making cookies” for the holidays. In our pike position we “roll out” the dough, each little lets me know what cookie cutter they will be using as we “cut out our cookies” and then we grab some “sprinkles” from our toes to shake all over our cookies.
    Next they are in the oven and of course, once we move to a straddle we “share” our cookies over our heads and to the friends on each side. Afterward, we are so “thirsty” we reach into the middle for our big glass of milk!
    All the talk of food has really cut down on the gab. LOL!

  3. We make a personal pizza. In Pike, we roll out the dough, then add our toppings(much like the sprinkles on the cookie idea). Then stretch the dough out to a triangle (strattle) by pushing back til all our toes touch to make one giant pizza pie. Stretch forward to share and pull it back up to pretend to eat it.

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