A Little Golden Book: Movement Without Moving

Do you remember Little Golden Books? I was obsessed as a kid! And look what I found, a classic. 

I saw the recommendation for this book on this blog post, so I thought I would order it off Amazon and try it out. I have a class that I teach in the week that is 1 hour long with 2-3 year olds. 1 hour is so long, but then again my classes that are 45 minutes I always wish I had more time. Can’t win!

Anyway, in the hour class I read a story midway through. It gives them (and me) a break from all the movement, otherwise they can’t focus at all. I choose a book to read that is good for movement, or talks about movement, or shows movement. You get the idea. 🙂

This little book is the best. It’s not to long, or to short and the pictures are colorful and detailed. It’s just the right size for showing littles all crowded around you to see. It’s all about animals as the little girl tries to be each one. We still do some movement but all sitting! We make sounds of animals, find animals hiding in the pictures, and make faces.

Just thought I would share this idea incase anyone is looking for ideas for “low key” movement ideas. Do you have a go-to book or activity for down time in the classroom? I would love to hear!



  1. Hi, Maria. This book sounds perfect for your super young class. I love the cover, too. The little girl looks so carefree, and it’s cute to see the animals all around her. Glad it worked well for your class!

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