The Power Of The Arts

Candace, a very loyal reader, shared this video with me this morning. You have to watch it. If only everyone believed in the power of how the arts help kids learn. Someday, I would love to teach at (or own) a school like this.

I would call it the 3 I’s. Individual, Integrate, Imagine. Yep! 🙂

It’s just in my blood, my body and in my heart. Thanks Candace for sharing! Enjoy!



  1. YES! This video is wonderfully and thoughtfully executed. Thanks for posting, Maria! This is the kind of work I love to do and the work I’m going to explore in grad school over the next three years. Arts integration is SO exciting!

    1. Author

      Isn’t it wonderful? I’m so inspired by this and it’s important that we all keep advocating! 🙂

    1. Author

      Absolutely Diana! I mean people running public schools seriously need clued in. It’s just amazing what this school is doing.

  2. Hi Maria, so glad you shared this. I think we need to create a network of advocates… those of us interested in arts education, integration, dance for the whole child. Love your work, Maria! Happy to share!

  3. AMAZING! I love this! I was part of a debate on a friend’s FB page the other day where one woman was saying how our government would be better off if they cut funding for the arts. I get so discouraged and sad when people don’t respect the arts or recognize how’s arts integration can benefit our current education system. Thanks for sharing, Maria!

    1. Author

      seriously? Ugg I would of been discouraged too. I’m so glad to see there are schools like this and I really want to work to make more of them. Thanks for stopping by Joanie!

  4. Wonderful piece and so timely. I too am in Grad School and it fits well with my focus on the development and integration of creative thinking across the board.

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