Prima The Ballerina

Dear readers, My friend from Twitter Nikki White has written an interactive book accompanied with a CD and it’s awesome! I used parts of  the book with my students yesterday and I would like to share it with you because I think it’s a great tool to have on hand to share with your students! 

The book ultimately follows Prima The Ballerina through her backyard. She discovers animals flying, slithering, and jumping. Dancing like animals, the book uses movement words such as “up” and “down” and “unwind” and “arch” to help facilitate the movement. They are all animals I have used before, but the description and the pictures make it worthwhile. Plus, my littles never get tired of dancing about animals.

The book is colorful and offers up many many characters to dance about. It is also very detailed. The colors and texture of the pictures are amazing. My littles just studied the pages for a while to take it all in. It’s almost 3-D, which I’m not sure I have ever seen a book like that before!

My suggestion is to use the book over a few classes, as it’s long. 3’s and 4’s have just enough attention span for it, but the suspense of “finishing the book” next week gives them something to look forward too!

When I was e-mailing with Nikki and Ethan this is how they explained the book to me. I really connected with this statement because I believe this is what I am trying to do here on the blog as well. I also love how they are going to make this a series with different dance styles! That’s more fun for us!

We’ve also witnessed, and personally experienced the decline in arts and education funding, and we feel that it is up to us as a society to create a culture that values and celebrates the arts. The launching of this brand is our attempt to make dance education affordable, and available to all.  Our series will follow Prima as she learns many forms of dance present in a variety of cultures.  We will be continually making the connection of the foundation of ballet to other forms of dance and movement such as hip-hop, classical indian dance, hula, modern, tap, ballroom, martial arts, yoga etc. We’ll also be showing how they benefit from and enhance one another.  Prima will experience the rejections, and setbacks that all dancers (and kids) deal with.  She’ll learn how to persevere, and what it means to dedicate and chase after the things she is most passionate about.  These stories are also designed to be lesson plans that any adult can use.  Using the book and matching cd anyone has enough material to generate hours worth of activities for kids.  Parents, grandparents, librarians, daycare owners, babysitters, school, pre-school, and dance teachers can engage kids with these products, and re-kindle the love they too have for dance and movement.

Isn’t that wonderful? We need more people like Nikki and Ethan to spread the love of dance education. It’s important!

If you want, Nikki will come and show you the book in action or you can download the interactive book for home use! Either option would be awesome!

Have you heard of the book? Would you consider using it in your dance room? I think it’s one of those staples to pull out on a holiday, or backstage before a performance, or at an open house. Just think of the possibilities! 🙂


  1. Dear Maria,
    This book, interactive book & CD are delightful, educational & enchanting. I have used them all with great ease and success and I am not a professional dancer or educator, yet they worked beautifully for me. Nikki was available to answer any questions and the format was great. I hope families & colleagues will reach out & meet Prima.
    ~~ Dance Reader

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