How To Make A Circle With 12 Littles + You

I was riding the train tonight and had an instant thought that I don’t think I ever shared with you my trick for making a circle with my littles. Have I told you about it?

I wanted to find a way to make a circle by myself with my littles without saying “Megan come hold hands.” “Molly come hold hands” 100 times! You know what happens next, right? Once you get most of the holding hands, you loose some of them. Sound familiar? Well, this trick will change your life. I have been using it for so long and it totally works. I can not believe I haven’t shared it with you!

Have all of your students stand against a wall, or on a line (I use tape.) Ask them to hold hands with their neighbor on both sides. Now you have a them all in a line holding hands. This is my way of gaining control. I don’t move on until everyone is in the line and quiet! Next, you be the connecter and hold hands with the dancer on each end. Slowly walk the circle towards the middle of room and viola! A circle!

Warning: The first few times could be messy. It takes practice, but they will be pros in no time. I explain every time, “if you pull your friends the whole class will fall on top of you.” Their eyes get really big and they can’t believe I just said that. LOL

This trick might sound so simple, but many people I tell about it have never heard of it and always ask if it really works. It does! Try it! Especially if you have been avoiding making circles. 😉

Do you use this trick to? What other tricks do you have for making a circle? Or for other transitions similar to this? I don’t use an assistant, so these little “helpers” are key to a successful class!


  1. Hi Maria! Great post. Making circles with little ones is a frequent challenge, so thanks for sharing your tricks! I’m a theatre teaching artist, and I do a lot of work with early childhood. I write a blog about my teaching artist life as well, and I’m always open to guest posts if you’d be interested! So happy I found your blog- looking forward to keeping up with it!

    Take care!

    1. Author

      Thanks for stopping by Meredyth. I’m glad you found me too. I checked out your blog, it’s great! I sent you an e-mail too! 🙂

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