Airplane Dance

On Saturday almost every one of my students told me that they were flying to a place this week for vacation. Then I promptly said “If I get really small, can I crawl into your suitcase?” They giggled and smiled! ๐Ÿ™‚ I then had the idea that if they are all flying somewhere we should do an airplane dance! Here are some ideas if you find yourself in the same boat (?)… plane.

Taking off and Landing: First we explored taking off and landing. This is good for teaching levels. Start down low to take off, fly in the middle then eventually reach high altitude. This can be fun to try super slow or really fast. Encourage your littles to go in slow motion. Even when they feel like they are going slow, it’s not slow enough. I use the words “go slow, and then go even slower than that” It works! You can also lay down spots. Start on one side of the room on the green dot low, when you get to the yellow dot you are in the middle (almost there) and when you get to the blue dot you are flying high!

What does your plane look like?: Is it a propeller? Is it a jet? How long are your wings? Are they bent or straight? We had fun telling what colors our planes were too. Of course some were with sparkles, or superman colors.

Be the Pilot: Turn, go straight, zigzag. You can explore all the different pathways while flying the plane. There is the Turbulance and bumps!

Destination: Where should we fly? “China to discover… statues.” “Antarctica to see… penguins.” and “The desert to find… camels!” We land each time in a new place and explore what’s there. I usually limit it to 3 ideas that way it’s not overwhelming and it’s also easier to remember that way!

Sometimes in my warm up we stretch our backs by flying like an airplane. We lay down on our bellies and reach our legs and arms straight. That’s another idea for flying an airplane. If you are looking for a song to use Laurie Berkner has an airplane song but it’s all directive. You get out and jump and spin around but each time you get back in your airplane and fly around. If you want to take the ideas from your dancers I would play some instrumental music and fly!

I’m working on some other transportation dances, so look for those in the coming weeks! What about you? Do you do an airplane dance or another transportation dance with your students? I would love to hear!




    1. Author

      Thanks for your comment Scott! The kids loved it and I thought you would too. You should get your staff to do the dance. LOL ๐Ÿ˜‰

  1. Hi.. I recently read your blog n thank u so much coz u give such an inspiration. I’m a dance teacher as well for kids till adult in sweden n always lookin for ways to make creativity. Things with airplane i use it to teach them how to work with balance n it works great. Thanx for sharing. You’re incredible!

    1. Author

      Hi Maria, I’m so happy you stopped by and left a comment! I’m so glad the ideas are useful to you. Thanks for the idea on the balancing, I will for sure add that in next time! come back again soon! ๐Ÿ™‚

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