Summer Camp Idea: Cat In The Hat, I Can Do That!

So I know I have been posting a lot of games lately, but I can’t help it. All these movement games are just blowing my mind. It kind of makes me want to create one of my own. ­čśë

I played this Cat in the Hat game a few days ago and it’s fantastic. I thought you might want to know about it for summer camp. Great for ages 4 and up. I think 3’s could do it, but you would have to help them a bit more. I’m thinking this could be a great game to get you (and the kids) through that last hour of the day. Here’s how you play:

Kids pick 1-2 and 3 # cards and fit them together like a puzzle. You can read it to them, or there are pictures to help them figure it out. Each sentence tells them to do a  movement like hop on one foot or walk backwards using a prop (yay props!) in a creative way like put it between your knees, under your arm, or on top of your head.

These props are from the book. I think it would be an awesome lesson to read the book and then play the game. It would also be great to help students make up their own movements to do with the props after they used up all the cards.

What do you think? Would this game be a hit with your students? Have you ever played it? I would love to hear!

p.s. You can find the game here.

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