Twister For The Dance Room

This year I have been obsessed with colors and group shapes. It’s been really fun using colors as a way to manage things in the room. It has also been fun teaching my students to share and work together. I was inspired by the game Twister and thought I would add something more to my warm-up with this little game. I used it with 5’s and 6’s. Here’s how you play:

Use round dots, like the floor spots with the different colors. I’m hoping you use them already so it’s something you already have. Spread out the colors on the floor. (Hint: I tried it in a line like the picture above, but it was to crowded.) So I just set them up all spread out.

This is the fun part. You say a body part and a color they have to put that body part on. As we kept playing we got more creative. I even asked the students to come up with some. One said “make a shape like a house on purple.” The great part about this game is most likely there are not enough colors for everyone to have their own, so they must share. In the shape like a house, I loved seeing them work together and make the shape. Each house looked different. Then I went around and rang the doorbell and asked if I could come in. haha! This game promotes problem solving skills and it’s a fast decision making dance. They seemed to really like it!

Have you ever played Twister in the dance room? Did it work? What are some other ideas we could add to this game? Maybe partners stuck together? I would love to hear your ideas!


  1. Thanks so much for posting this! I just bought Twister for my summer dance camp! I also purchased a children’s theater game that you recommended on an earlier post. Thank you for your awesome blog! Very useful.

    – Saumirah

    1. Author

      Saumirah, that is so exciting to hear! Thank you for reading and I am glad it’s helping you with ideas. That’s what it’s here for! 🙂

  2. Love this idea! I love that the kids have to share. Even if I had enough colored dots I don’t think I would put them all out – so they kids would have to share. The kids making the house – awesome! Where would you recommend buying dance dots? I have never been happy with what I use. My solution is using painters tape to make shapes/lines but can’t move it quickly and I use one color.

    1. Author

      Stacey, painters tape is a good idea! I will try that out. I like the thin spots, but I think they are hard to find these days. I will keep looking, I can’t remember where I got them.

  3. I have been using a product called Wall Pops for the last year. They are designed for the wall, but they work perfectly on the floor, and the best part is they can be reused every week. I get about 6 weeks of use out of them. They are perfect for the kiddos! I use just the basic circle shape, but change up the colours based on the season. I use them throughout the class as lily pads for jumping, twister type activities, and as their “magic spot” for their big show performance routines.

    1. Author

      Kim, those look really cool! are they stickers? Or just plastic spots? I may have to try them!

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