Preschooler’s Dancing Feet!

Tippity, stompity, slappity, creepity, thumpity, clickity  happy dancing feet! This month’s book chosen by Kerry at Picture Books and Pirouettes is Dancing Feet by Lindsey Craig.

I chose to use the book with my 2’s classes at the preschool. It was really fun and they loved it! I did the book for three weeks so they could get used to the movement words. They loved looking at the animals and even guessing what animal the book was describing.

We used each word and moved our feet like that animal would. For thumpity we two feet jumped, slappity we waddled, and creepity we had very sneaky feet. A few of them we did a couple different ways. For tippity lady bugs we balanced on one foot and then we tip toed around the room.

It’s a very simple book, so to keep their attention I changed my voice, did things fast and slow, and sometimes did the animal noises. It’s one you can get so creative with. I think this book would be perfect for a 2’s dance class or even a grown-up and me class of even younger children.

Want to try this book with your students? Let me know how it works for you! Have you used any great books lately that you want to share?

For even more about this book head over to Picture Books and Pirouettes and check out what Kerry thinks of this book! Look for our March Read It. Move It. Share It. book coming soon!


  1. Hi, Maria. I’m so glad the little ones liked the book! And I really like your idea of changing your voice and speeding up and slowing down, to add more depth to the movement. Can’t wait for our March book!

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