Halloween Characters!

Today in creative dance we had a halloween celebration! I’m not a big fan of halloween, but I know it’s huge with kids and they love to tell me what they are going to dress up as anyway, so I thought why not make a dance about it! I asked each child to tell me what their costume was and we moved like that character would move.

Of course some of them were familiar like a princess, or a robot, or cowgirl, (which were just as fun to dance!) but some of them were so original like a TV and a glass of milk! The glass of milk was so fun, think topsy turvy! I then asked if anyone was going to be a delicious cookie to go with it? (haha they of course loved that! ) For the TV, we made a square, and then we jumped to change the channel. It was really interesting!

I just love making dances with the kids ideas. Are you doing a halloween dance? I would love to hear how you incorporate their characters!


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