Race Car Dance

Yesterday, in my all boys class (step lively) we made a race car dance! It was the best! Here’s how we did it!

We got in our pretend car- I asked them what color their cars were. We put on our seatbelt and put on anything else we needed. They said “sunscreen” and “snacks” (haha!) I then made a race track with cones, and beanbags! We drove around the cones, and jumped over the beanbags. We went up hills, stopped for gas, and at the car wash. We rolled like tires and listened to our favorite song with the top down! Can you think of anything we missed?

It was so much fun, and really helped practice their locomotor movements and develop their imagination!

Have you ever done a race car dance? Or transportation dance? I would love to hear!


  1. In the same vein, when I was a young student, we once did a “beach” ballet, and there was a whole male section of surfers. This was also lots of fun!

  2. What a great idea! I just had a little girl this week ask if we could do a car dance. I especially like how you rolled like tires – what a neat touch! I’m going to try and incorporate something like that into my classes next month.

  3. Any ideas on books for preschoolers that would fit with this theme too? I teach a creative dance class and summer camp to preschoolers. I want to do a car theme, working on the dance concept of speed. This dance sounds perfect! I love to start off with a book that inspires their movement too. Any ideas are welcome.

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