Innovative Props for Yoga

Do you love props as much as I do? I love placing that order! As I mentioned, a few weeks ago I took a course in teaching yoga to kids. This year I will be adding it to my repertoire at the preschool.  Just call me the jack of all trades! Good thing I have that rolling backpack! Here are some ideas that will refresh your prop closet (or in my case, apartment) for the upcoming year!

Soft and Squishy Colorful Balls- These are great for name games. Also passing balls with hands or feet!

Peacock Feathers- These are fun to teach balance and focus!

Finger Puppets- Any type of visuals can add layers to a child’s imagination.

I can’t wait until I receive them in the mail and start to use them! The kids are in for a real treat this year!

Do you use any of these in your classes already? Or do you have creative ideas to share? I would love to hear!

(Ideas from Karma Kids Yoga)

(Props from Buy Buy Baby and Oriental Trading)

P.S. look for more prop ideas soon!


  1. Another great prop for kids is kites. The cheap kind you can get from pharmacies for about $3. You can use them as spot savers for games, or the children can pick what kite they want as their symbols. When they break- you only spent a few dollars on them!

  2. I seriously need help with props! All these teachers come in with big boxes of props and I don’t have any! Your future posts are greatly appreciated!

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