Dinosaur Dance

Have you ever done a dinosaur dance? I did one today! I am fortunate to have a class of all boys in one of the clubs I teach at the preschool! It’s great, because of course it’s such a contrast from what I teach in ballet class with all girls. I love to hear the boys ideas- their imaginations go on for days, and can make up an entire story in about 3 minutes flat.

The boys loved the dinosaur dance, after all it was their idea! They asked me if we could do a dance about dinosaurs. I told them that I might even have a dinosaur song(amazing!) I found it, but first I wanted to make sure we talked about different kinds of dinosaurs and what their contrast was. Do they fly? Make the ground shake when they walk? What do they eat? How can we show little dinosaurs vs. giant ones. They loved it, and so did I! It’s such a new way of moving and creating! Thanks to the boys for making my day!

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