Think Spring- Shape up your week!

I always feel so anxious on Sunday nights thinking about all that I have to do in the week ahead. Do you?I had the idea to write about it and thought maybe that would make me feel better. Plus, I am really looking forward to spring, so I thought I would post a delightful picture to make you think about beautiful flowers. New York is supposed to get another snow storm this week. (yuck!) I hope it’s not true. Time will tell.

Let’s see, here is what’s in my schedule this week. Tomorrow I have a really fun Olympics lesson planned for my creative movement classes. I will write about that tomorrow. Tuesday I start new ballet classes at the JCC and I am meeting a friend for dinner to talk about the life of a dance teacher. I always love gaining insight from someone who shares a similar life. Wednesday seems to be a normal day, with a little extra babysitting thrown in to support eating lunch daily. Thursday and Friday I start at a new school for City Ballet. I always love meeting new kids and teachers. They usually love to meet me too. Thursday I plan to take ballet class, an addition to my schedule that I hope will be routine every Thursday evening. I even got some new leo’s and tights to feel more like a dancer/dance teacher! YAY! I also have a new gym membership that I hope to try out this week.
That seems to be the shape of the next 5 days! What does your week look like? Anything fun? Anything you are dreading? I would love to hear!
P.s. I started something new this weekend, reading for pleasure! I know it sounds so simple, but it makes me feel good and gives me an outlet besides thinking about dance all the time. (not that I don’t LOVE to do that) I am reading The Happiness Project… I highly recommend it! I already see and think about things differently! 🙂

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